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Our signature LiveEdge hardwood technology helping you get a totally unique and nature friendly flooring, decking or table



Modular flooring and decking systems based on Bole technologies



Variable width and length hardwood flooring


Bole Colors


In Depth

How we think and how we work

Life is not a straight line and we strongly believe this to be a good thing.

It’s what makes life exciting and fun; it’s where we can express our love of nature and life; it’s where we can embrace and celebrate the twists and turns, the imperfections that make us who we are. Trees sway and bend to with the wind, they stretch as they reach for the sun. This produces an almost endless variety of shapes that gets lost in the squared-off technology cycle that usually follows. As a technology company, our mission at Bole is to break this cycle. Every product we produce, every project we participate in, every person we hire is a step towards this goal.

Our story

Founded in 2010 we started with the idea that we can leverage computer aided production methods to minimize production waste, keep costs down and quality up, resulting in a truly unique product.

Over the years we have revised our production process, refining the software, training our people and streamlining our factory. Daily development in everything we do, working with our partners and customers to develop new technologies that cater to different needs and tastes. Today, a start-up no more, we are a team of over 30 highly talented, skilled and motivated people, passionate about our mission and unwavering in our goal to provide the best product and service experience to our customers and partners. A technology company, providing know-how and technological advantages to our partners so they, too, can help us achieve our vision. A support network of more than 130 representatives that spreads around the globe, with boots on the ground in every major market.

Process and Technology

Step by step


Sourced from certified forests

The wood we use is gathered from around the world from certified forests using ethical processes, ensuring that we disturb nature as little as possible.


Scanned and stored

Our scanning and storage systems allows us to know the intimate shapes of every board that enters in our factory. Bole’s optimization technology means saving natural resources. Not only is the surface aesthetically appealing but Bole’s technologies allow more floors per forest.


Matching shapes to client's floorplan

Our floors are individually handmade and bespoke for the location. Based on the customer’s floorplan, a computer aided design process picks only the right boards for the job. Just like a fingerprint or a retina is unique to each person, so is Bolefloor for each project.


Color and finish

Our finishing process and materials allow us to develop a wide range of colors and effects – from the subtlest of tints to the most colorful of flairs.



Each Bolefloor is tailor-made per the customer’s request and test assembled at least twice before shipping, to ensure the highest quality and a perfect fit.


Simplified installation

It’s just like a kids’ jigsaw puzzle with a cheat sheet. The boards are numbered and mapped to allow for installation no more difficult than the standard straight floor.


Care and maintenance

Depending on the materials and finish used, every floor gets a unique maintenance plan the customer can follow to ensure the beauty lasts for many generations.


Proof of quality

Ethical treatment of the world’s natural resources and a well managed manufacturing process is more than just a goal – it’s the foundation of our company.

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