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Marbella Design

In July the design world gathers in Marbella for the largest International Design and Interior Design exhibition held in Spain. This year Marbella Design prepares its second edition with a renewed philosophy and changes in creative direction. More than 40 renowned designers will make Marbella the epicentre of interior design world, decoration and luxury design.  Each exhibitor will give life to its space with a concrete decorative intention, taking pieces of the most exclusive brands  and giving shape and life to their space with a concrete decorative intention.

Together with our partner LAclave Spain Bole’s exclusive LiveEdge design will be exhibited together with Mr. Walls, Barazza, Trass-Oioli, Exclusivia, Novara, Vestum, Arkema, Finium, Resires and Teawalk.

More information about the event available in their homepage  ☛

We look forward to seeing you in Marbella!

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