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Our signature LiveEdge hardwood technology helping you get a totally unique and nature friendly flooring, decking or table



Modular flooring and decking systems based on Bole technologies



Variable width and length hardwood flooring



Curved modular decking

Introducing Deck6

Deck 6 uses Nature’s Fit technology to create a modular system for your deck.

Deck 6 is created by selecting the 6 most common shapes in nature which allows you to seamlessly extend your interior, onto the deck or any outdoor surface. 25 mm (0.98’’) thick Iroko wood is perfect for outdoor use as it is resistant to all weather conditions be it scorching sun, pouring rain or bone cracking cold. Deck6 modules are prefinished at the factory to make installation easier and faster. The decking should be reoiled after installation for even better durability.

Technical details

Materials and characteristics

Solid Iroko
Board length: 2400 mm / 7′10”
Board width: 100-190 mm / 3-7”
Overall thickness: 25 mm / 0.98”

Wood type


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